Inflation Felt by Shoppers, Investors and Businesses Big and Small

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If it feels like just about everything is costing more these days, you’re right.

Inflation is being felt by just about everybody -- from individual consumers to wealthy venture capitalists. 

"All the things we buy, almost quadrupled," said Zolmay Rasuli, owner of Halal Gyro Express.

Because they know the people they feed are struggling too, they have yet to raise prices.

"It is really hurting our business, because we can't keep catching up with buying them, and we're selling for the same price, we have no choice, I mean, who's gonna come in and buy a 30 dollar plate?" said Rasuli.

It's a similar scene at Target. Where high gas and transportation costs hit the retail giant's bottom line and with shoppers a little more hesitant to spend money.

"At Target, some things go up, and some things go down in price,” said Dotti King of San Jose. 

The retail giant lost a quarter of its stock market value in one day.

"They can't get the price that would give them their traditional margins, so the stores are really hurting,” said SJSU professor Robert Chapman Wood.

On Friday, we touched bear market levels on Wall Street, meaning 20% below recent highs, and even Silicon Valley venture capitalists said they're pulling back a bit on their investments.

"What's really interesting is how the people with all the money move in a way that doesn't seem any more sophisticated than target shoppers,” said Chapman Wood.

More proof that inflation hits us all.

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