Meet the Unknown Hereos of SF Tiger Attack

Responding officers to receive highest honor

Officers Yukio Oshita, Scott Biggs told the San Francisco Chronicle that they remember slowly driving up an access road into the San Francisco Zoo when they say an escaped 243-pound Siberian tiger toying with a bloody boy.

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Officers Kevin O'Leary and Daniel Kroos also arrived on the scene to find a boy pleading for help.

"I never could have imagined having to deal with something like this," Biggs told the Chronicle. "We never got any instruction on dealing with wild animals when we were at the academy."

The officers eventually shot the tiger to death when it left the boy and turned her attention on them.

Wednesday night San Francisco city officials planned to honor the four  officers who shot and killed an escaped San Francisco Zoo tiger that fatally mauled 17-year-old Carlos Sousa Jr. and injured two of his friends on Dec.  25, 2007.

The officers will be given the Gold Medal of Valor, the police department's highest honor.

Mayor Gavin Newsom, Police Chief Heather Fong and Police Commission President Theresa Sparks are scheduled to speak at the ceremony,  during which other officers will also be honored with medals of valor.

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