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“No Time Off”: Demonstrators March in Oakland to Protest Police Shootings

Protesters didn't take the day off Thursday just because it was Christmas.

About 150 people marched Thursday night calling for an end to police shootings, blocking Broadway and 14th Street in downtown Oakland, bringing buses to a halt and chanting “black lives matter.”

“The idea is to give no time off to police in the context of racial discrimination and state violence happening every day,” one of the protesters said.

After a family holiday celebration, some parents brought their children to the demonstration.

The CHP blocked freeway ramps but Oakland police kept their distance, until protesters shattered windows at BevMo and Subway near Jack London Square and started a dumpster fire on Broadway.

Videos and photos posted online also show a number of people pulling lights and decorations off a public Christmas tree in the Jack London Square area.

Some Oakland police officers say they were called in early because of the protest. Oakland officials report they have spent more than a million dollars in overtime policing these now regular events.

Jessica Karadi says while she doesn't agree with vandalism she will continue to participate.

“I think the amount of property damage is small compared to destruction of people’s lives by the criminal justice system,” she said.

Protestors say these demonstrations will continue.

Wednesday night, protesters took to the streets in San Francisco and across the Bay in Berkeley, demanding justice for victims of police brutality. Those demonstrations followed a solidarity march planned by LGBT community leaders that briefly blocked Highway 101 at Octavia Boulevard Wednesday morning.

Jean Elle contributed reporting.

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