Oprah Winfrey Talks Keys to a Meaningful Life at Stanford University

The keys to a meaningful life. That’s what Oprah Winfrey was asked to give hundreds of students and faculty at Stanford University on Monday night.

Winfrey was welcomed into the Stanford Memorial Church with a standing ovation. She started by sharing stories of her upbringing and faith.

“I knew how to pay attention. I was a great observer of life, and I grew up believing that I was indeed for sure, God's child,” she said.

Oprah spoke about what she finds important in life: choosing love over fear, becoming self-aware, and if you ever lose sight of your goals or need to be grounded, be grateful for every breath you have.

Oprah also spoke about her legendary talk show where she interviewed newsmakers and everyday people for decades. She says hearing people’s stories changed her life.

“I am one who believes in the sharing of stories, I believe in the process of sharing period, because I know all of life gets better when you share it,” she said. “Thousands of people who have been guests on the show and who have also been audience members have been my greatest teachers."

Students we talked with were inspired by her message.

“She connects with everybody in the audience. She singles out each person as if she's just talking to them,” said Stanford Freshman Emma Sanderson.

“[Oprah said] that you have to find what you're passionate about and what makes you feel like you want to get up in the morning and do things,” said Stanford Junior Martine Madill.

She was invited by Stanford for the 6th annual event to honor late law professor Harry Rathbun.

Rathbun used to give his renowned “Last Lecture” to students at the university every spring from 1929 to 1959.

Now, influential people are invited to speak in his honor. Past speakers include the Dalai Lama, and Justice Sandra Day O'Connor.

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