Late Stanford Neurosurgeon's Book About Life, Death Receives Rave Review in New York Times

Dr. Paul Kalanithi was moved to write after being diagnosed with lung cancer. He died last March at age 37.

A book by late Stanford neurosurgeon Dr. Paul Kalanithi received a rave review in the New York Times.

Dr. Kalanithi was 37 when he died of lung cancer last March. Although he was young, he led an ambitious life, detailed in When Breath Becomes Air, which will be released on Jan. 12th.

Dr. Kalanithi talked to NBC Bay Area's Raj Mathai in February of 2014. In that interview, Dr. Kalanithi recounted of learning about his diagnosis, and why he decided to write about his own life and death in a moving personal essay published in the New York Times.

NBC Bay Area’s Raj Mathai sits down with Stanford neurosurgeon, Dr. Paul Kalanithi, who faced an uncertain future with a lung cancer diagnosis. Dr. Kalanithi wrote a moving and personal essay in the New York Times, which resonated with thousands of people.

Dr. Kalanithi's wife, Lucy, who's also a doctor, wrote the epilogue of the book and had her own Op Ed titled "My Marriage Didn't End When I Became a Widow" published.

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