San Francisco

San Francisco Police Officer Run Over During Car Break-in

A police officer faced a potentially deadly situation on Friday after a car break-in near Alamo Square in San Francisco.

Surveillance video captures two men breaking into a car on Pierce Street with a getaway driver behind the wheel of the car. Police say undercover officers recognized the car as a known auto-burglary vehicle and moved in as one man gets in the car with a stolen bag.

One officer proceeds to tackle a suspect and the driver backs over, running both of them over as the two other officers ordered the driver to stop and pull their guns out.

"All three suspects booked on attempted homicide," said Grace Gatpandan from the San Francisco Police Department.

Everyone survived the incident and no shots were fired.

"The officers do have weapons drawn, however, this is not an officer-involved shooting," said Gatpandan. "The officers showed great restraint even though this is a deadly situation."

While the police department calls it restraint, the Police Officer Association is calling for a change as it calls the department’s use of force dangerous.

They said in a statement: "It is outrageous that the policy imposed on our officers, by the police commission, prohibits us from protecting our own lives by firing at a suspect in a moving vehicle who is trying to kill us."

Police say the officer who was run over is out of the hospital and is recovering at home. The suspect who was run over along with the officer is still in the hospital.

All three suspects are from San Francisco. 

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