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Rising Sea Levels Threaten Thousands of Homes in Bay Area: Report

Climate scientists say by the end of the century many waterfront homes in the Bay Area will be in jeopardy of being flooded by rising sea levels.

The new report by the Union of Concerned Scientists said the threat will be a reality in 30 years, with bay front cities like Alameda, Foster City, East Palo Alto and Emeryville being among the most at-risk.

Dr. Kristina Dahl, a climate scientist, used property data from online real estate company Zillow to predict how many coastal homes are at risk.

"Sea level rise is a slow-moving disaster and right now the risk to our coastal properties is really flying under the area," Dahl said.

Dahl's study showed by 2045, 13,000 homes in the Bay Area will get flooded every other week. The most homes at-risk are in Marin and San Mateo counties.

"If you find that your home is at-risk from seal level rise or chronic flooding, it's important to start exploring your options," Dahl said.

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