San Francisco

New Bills Aim to Reduce Noise Near SFO and Oakland Airports

"We'd be able to live peacefully," said a South San Francisco resident.

Several San Francisco residents have complained about loud airport noise from San Francisco International Airport and Oakland International airport, and now, a congresswoman is taking steps to address the issue.

Congresswoman Jackie Speier is rolling out a series of new laws aimed at turning the volume down for those living in the direct flight path of the nearby airports.

"We'd be able to live peacefully," said South San Francisco resident Elia Monticelli, "more quietly any way."

Elia and her husband Robert Monticelli said that the jet noise is a constant disruption in the neighborhood.

South San Francisco Mayor Rich Garbarino has lived in the area since 1966 and him, as well as the Monticelli's, got help years ago to pay for sound-proof windows and insulation.

But numerous late night and early morning SFO flights still rattle them awake.

"It's one after the other, from one o'clock in the morning until about 3:30 in the morning," Mayor Garbarino said, "talk about quality of life issues."

Congresswoman Speier said that "South San Francisco and San Mateo County residents want is just a little peace and quiet, and a dash of peace of mind."

Among other things, the legislation would fund insulating over 200 homes and would place curfews on flights at SFO and Oakland Airport from 10 p.m. until 7 a.m.

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