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Santa Clara County Office of Education Superintendent Sends Letter to President Trump Over Immigration Stance

The Santa Clara County Office of Education Superintendent sent a letter Monday to the White House saying President Donald Trump's actions on immigration are hurting millions of children, including many who are in this country legally.

County Superintendent Dr. Mary Ann Dewan said all children are suffering trauma because of what they are seeing on television. Dewan said the mental trauma children are suffering from seeing images of families being separated at the border are immeasurable, even if they themselves are not personally impacted.

"It's very unfortunate," student Miles Gill said. "Hopefully it doesn't happen to anyone I know."

The superintendent sent the letter to Trump to try and explain the suffering. The letter also urges the president to reunite separated families immediately, which the Justice Department is now under court order to do so.

"Children in our community are impacted by what's happening in our national news," Dewan said.

Teachers also said they are seeing the impact in the classroom.

"It's really hard to deal with," said Teresa Zasati a youth instructor in the South Bay. "It's difficult working with kids knowing that is going on and you don't know how to comfort them."

Many educators now fear some students may not return to school next fall -- fearing a run in with ICE.

"We're also concerned about decreased enrollment in our country where families don't feel safe and are considering other places to live," Dewan said.

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