San Jose

San Jose Couple Discovers Elaborate Hose System Thieves Set Up to Steal Water

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A San Jose couple returned to their home near Branham Lane Thursday night to discover that someone had been in their backyard — apparently to steal water.

What Lori Kamal and her husband discovered was a series of connected hoses running from their backyard for about a half mile, toward an encampment.

"There were some homeless that pulled water by using their water hose," she said. "They pulled it up the creek for a half mile, extracting water from our residence."

Kamal said that she was very upset that someone had been in their backyard while her young teenage daughter was home alone.

Kamal said she also found an electrical extension cord, and she believes that the thieves may have been planning to steal her electricity too. Kamal said that when she posted about the issue on Next Door several other neighbors said they'd had similar problems.

Kamal called police, but she said they told her that without a suspect there wasn't much they could do. Kamal said they did not take a report.

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