Stolen Dog Named Biscuit Returned to Oakland Owners

A small Yorkshire Terrier named Biscuit was happy to be back home in Oakland on Wednesday, especially after all he’s been through.

“They took him November 5th,” said Biscuit’s owner Melissa Smith. “We got him back today."

Smith says she left Biscuit in her car with the windows cracked as she went to lunch at Guadalajara Restaurant that day. When she came out, he was gone. Surveillance video appears to show someone reach into the car and run off.

In the 10 days Biscuit was missing, the family conducted their own investigation. They talked to people in homeless encampments, nearby businesses and even people online. It led them to the Laney Flea Market, where they spotted a truck that matched one seen in the surveillance video from the restaurant.

“We asked questions, showed pictures and got answers,” Smith said.

Police followed up, but no one was there, and neither was the dog. An hour later, officers called.

“They said, 'We're 99 percent sure we have Biscuit here.' A woman who was there said she purchased Biscuit at the Laney Flea Market last Sunday for $700," Smith said.

That woman, Irene Sala, told NBC Bay Area by phone she saw the story on the news and couldn’t keep the dog knowing the owner’s story.

Meanwhile, Oakland Animal Services told NBC Bay Area it’s seen an increase in animals stolen out of cars.

East Bay SPCA CEO Allison Lindquist says buying a pet on the street is risky. It could be stolen, sick or legally too young to purchase in the state of California. Dogs must be at least eight weeks old before they can be sold, unless the dog is approved for sale by a licensed veterinarian.

“People need to be very cautious and very skeptical when buying in these situations where there's some level of anonymity,” Lindquist said.

This family is just happy Biscuit is back.

“We're at peace with Biscuit home,” Smith said.

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