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“We Were Treated Like Criminals”: Parents of Fairfield Boy Abducted While Sleeping in Car Blast Police

The parents of a Fairfield boy abducted while sleeping in his family's car are blasting police a day after their son was found safe and are planning to file a complaint against the department.

A thief drove away with Broc Guzman Monday and even though the case had a happy ending, the boy's parents are angry at police.

Cell phone video shows Broc’s mother Suzanne Guzman being held on the ground by officers after refusing to allow them to search the family home for her year eight-old-son.

Fairfield police released the frantic 911 call from Suzanne Guzman who called police saying that the family car had been stolen and her son had been in the back seat at that time. Police late Tuesday also released video from an officer's body camera they say shows Suzanne Guzman behaving badly.

Broc himself spoke out on Tuesday: "I just want to say thank you to everyone that was looking for me, I'm very happy to be home,” he said. But Broc’s parents told NBC Bay Area Tuesday they feel they were mistreated during a panicky time. The Guzman family is considering filing a complaint against the Fairfield Police Department.

“We were treated like criminals from the get go from the first officer that showed up,” said Paul Guzman, Broc’s father.

The Guzmans’ released cell phone video taken a short time after police responded to their 911 call.

The video shows an emotional scene: police explaining why they need to search the missing boy's house and hysterical parents who claim police manhandled the boy’s mom because she insisted they wait until her husband arrived.

‘What am I doing what am I doing — I can't breathe I can't breathe," Suzanne Guzman can be heard saying in the video.

“My wife wouldn't let them in the house without me because we have two dogs and one of them will bite if I'm not present, so she didn't give them permission to go in because I was out looking for my son,” said Paul Guzman.

"The first thing you do anytime you're looking for somebody missing is you start where they last were," one of the officers in the cell phone video can be heard saying. "We want to confirm he is not inside the house — that he didn't get out of the car and go back inside the house."

Paul Guzman says he understands police needed to search his home but says officers didn't show any compassion for parents in distress.

“Obviously these officers need better training on dealing with a mother who is hysterical about losing her kid,” Guzman said. “In my opinion it was not a professional way to handle it. If your son is missing I'm sure all of you can understand how upset you're going to be."

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