Cool Animal Fun with Lindsay Wildlife Experience

It's an evening trek with a glowing goal.

SCORPIONS AND TARANTULAS... may mingle in many minds, but that could be because we so often see the wee critters together at Halloween. Not the real critters, mind you, but the rubber versions of scorpions and the plastic versions of tarantulas, all crowded on a spooky dining room table in the same general vicinity. And while they're not nearly as close, nor piled together, as their Halloween avatars, both scorpions and tarantulas call Mount Diablo home, that vast and animal-amazing stretch of natural beauty. Of course, tarantulas can sometimes scurry into the center spotlight when it comes to Mount Diablo, thanks in large part to those autumn hikes that focus on, yes, how tarantulas seek a mate. It's fascinating stuff, through and through, but if you're a critter maven, don't forget to join a scorpion-themed outing, if that's more your thing. And there are a few coming up, and the name is sure to tantalize and tempt. Prepare for the...

NEON SCORPION HIKES... at Mount Diablo with the Lindsay Wildlife Experience. "Experience the excitement of finding scorpions glowing green like green neon signs in the dark and observe diverse plants and animals inhabiting Mount Diablo," is the intriguing word on the series. If you can't make one of the warm-weather events, or you plan on saving your Mount Diablo trek for the fall, and the tarantulas, you're still in luck: The Walnut Creek wildlife destination has several happenings at its home base over the summer of 2018. A Live.Wild.Animal.Exhibition on June 23 loves on the Wild Cats! while a party on Saturday, June 30 loves upon Lord Richard on her 44th birthday (indeed, the vulture is female). For all of the nifty happenings at the Walnut Creek center, and its out-and-about adventures, scurry, scorpion-style, to this page now.

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