It's a High-Country Hoedown at Redwood Mountain Faire

Crafts, chords, and convivial play thread through this beloved two-dayer.

REDWOODS ARE TALL... and the sun is hot and grass is green but summer? It isn't long, not even if we tell ourselves it is because we want to believe it is so. The season, or at least the time that stretches from Memorial Day to Labor Day, can pass in a blink, or a series of blinks, and we'll be in a real huff, come September, if find that we didn't embrace all of the traditional sweetnesses and glad-to-be-alive moments that summertime so consistently delivers. One of the shortest routes to that whole glad-to-be-alive-ness is to find nature, go to nature, and be in nature, done, done, and done. There just so happens to be a lot of nature around Felton, at Roaring Camp, where redwoods hold regal sway. This is a year-round thing, that regal sway-holding on behalf of the big trees, but juuuust around the start of June-ish, or at least after Memorial Day, an event lands plunk next to these titan trees, bringing more blissful summery sweetness to those who require it. (So, all of us, yeah.). It's the...

REDWOOD MOUNTAIN FAIRE, and it'll be back, with banjo strumming and bubble blowing and redwood admiring, on Saturday, June 2 and Sunday, June 3. Can kids attend? You bet: This festival is 100% of the family-fun-oh-boy variety. Will there be arts and crafts for sale? Again we say it: You bet. Will singing from the stage elevate the whole affair, giving voice to so many stories and flights of fancy? That's what a long-running music festival so often and ably does. An adult ticket for a day is twenty nine bucks at the door, a teen ticket, ages 13 to 17, is $24, as are senior tickets, and kids ages 12 and under may enter for free. Get your ticket in advance, though, for prices that are a bit lower. Upping the sunshiny summer-a-tude of it all? There are beneficiaries, meaning this colorful and funky community favorite really does send the love far and wide. 

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