Mole & Mariachi Fest: A Park-Nice Fundraiser

Celebrate and sup at Santa Cruz Mission State Historic Park.

LENDING SOME LOVE... to a state park can be done in myriad magical ways. You can show up for a day of volunteering, should the destination need some TLC and general spiffying up. You can donate online, or become part of an organization that helps provide stewardship to the historic and/or natural expanse. And sometimes, if the day and place are right, you can show up at the park and partake in the enjoyment of mole, and dance, and music, and art-filled festivities. We did tip our hand a bit there, with the "mole" part, because there is a state park that's become rather well-known for it over the last few years: Santa Cruz Mission State Historic Park. Indeed, the "home to the oldest building in Santa Cruz County" plays host each and every September to the Mole & Mariachi Festival. The 4th annual outing is dancing just around the corner, on Saturday, Sept. 10, and while the celebration is free to join, you'll want to show with ten dollars for your...

MOLE TASTING KIT: Oh yes, you'll likely long to try the spicy and cocoa-luscious creations of local chefs, an event that has a cooking competition to it. When you're not enjoying the piquant foodstuffs you'll want to check out the sounds of Mariachi Alma de Mexico as well as a number of other stirring-of-song groups. Dance companies like Senderos will visit the park's grounds, and piñatas will be part of the party, too. 

AND IF YOU DON'T GET ENOUGH MOLE? That can happen, especially if you're a mole maven, so take heart that a number of food vendors will be nearby selling everything from mole-topped tacos to mole-yummy tamales. The day helps raise funds for the friends of the park, those devoted people who care for its future, past, and all the fun times it hosts nowadays. Including a mole-scented fiesta in September, one that's become beloved in its time for its vibrant, canciones-lovely spirit.

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