Bon Jovi and Taylor Lautner Stop By Ellen

Bon Jovi, Taylor Lautner and Tatyana McFadden stopped by "The Ellen DeGenerres Show" Wednesday.

Lautner, star of "Scream Queens," discusses the hit show, reveals his abs and the wild way he fed giraffes at the zoo. The former "Twilight" star shares that fans will caress his stomach without even asking him, and says it’s a weird phenomenon that fans think they can watch him on screen and "feel like it’s theirs."

John Bon Jovi visits to talk about the band’s three-year hiatus, in which he describes as having "gone and lived a life." Bon Jovi said he was able to spend time with his family while feeling as if at a crossroads with his career, unsure if he wanted to continue. But now he's promoting his new album, "This House is Not For Sale," and shares exciting news about his upcoming plans.

Paralympic track star Tatyana McFadden shares her incredible story, from growing up in an orphanage in Russia to breaking world records in wheelchair racing. McFadden has won 17 Olympic medals, including seven gold, holds the world record for every track event, including the 100m, 400m, 800m, 1500m and 5000m, and has won all four of the major marathons each year for the last three years in a row. She chats about her upcoming plans with Ellen.

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