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Who is Jerry Brown



    Who is Jerry Brown

    Thirty-five years after being elected governor for the first time, Jerry Brown wants his old job back.

    Yes, this is the same Jerry Brown that served two terms as governor from 1975-83, when he earned the nickname Gov. Moonbeam. He also had three failed presidential runs (1976, 1980, 1992) and a failed Senate run (1982). He also served as mayor of Oakland from 1998-2006, and is now the state's attorney general.

    Brown, 72, announced that he is running for governor on March 2 -- although just about everyone who cared knew he would run long before that. Without a serious challenger in the Democratic primary, he's been saving most of his campaign funds for the general election while his Republican rivals spend money hand over fist fighting each other.

    For a man who is known for being old school, he continues to dabble in new media ways.  He made his official announcement via You Tube days before granting on-camera interviews to reporters.  He is also the only gubernatorial candidate who has accepted an invitation by Google for it's town hall-style chats on the Mountain View campus.

    Brown was a bachelor as governor and mayor, but married long-time girlfriend Anne Gust in March 2005.  They live in Oakland at the former Sears building.

    Brown is the son of former California governor Pat Brown, who served from 1959-1967.