Elana Meyers Taylor

Elana Meyers Taylor Gets Her Flag-Bearer Moment

Bobsledder Elana Meyers Taylor was supposed to carry the American flag at the Opening Ceremony -- but she tested positive for Coronavirus, and spent the Opening Ceremony in quarantine.

She recovered in time to compete and won two medals - silver in the monobob and bronze in the two-woman bobsled. She's won five medals over the course of her Olympic career -- making her the most decorated Black athlete in Winter Olympics history.

And on Sunday, she got the honor to carry her nation's flag in the Closing Ceremony. She entered the stadium at the front of the parade of athletes, with the flag-bearers of all other competing countries.

Unlike the Opening Ceremony, nations aren't individually introduced - the athletes enter en masse, to represent how they've come together over the course of the Olympics. The American contingent entered about halfway through the 20-minute parade, wearing their Ralph Lauren outfits and waving small American flags. Some also wore medals around their necks, too, and held them up for TV cameras.

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