Lane Kiffin to Speak With Roger Goodell Regarding Al Davis

One of these days when we talk about the Oakland Raiders, we're going to talk about something that happens on the field between the white lines. I promise. It's just that today isn't going to be that day.

In the latest chapter of as the Raiders turn, the Los Angeles Times is reporting that Lane Kiffinwould like to speak with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell -- who may end up being the mediator between Kiffin and Al Davis -- before he addresses those nasty allegations that he's a flat-out liar.

"When Lane initially thought it would be appropriate to address the fans and the situation it was before Mr. Davis gave his press conference," Uberstine said. "In light of Mr. Davis' statements, we advised Coach Kiffin to cancel the intended press conference and instead refute the allegations specifically in a more appropriate venue, which would likely be, among other things, a grievance with Commissioner Goodell."

The main issue to be brought up with Goodell, of course, will be Davis' claim that Kiffin won't be seeing that $3.5 million he's currently owed. Davis, always confident in his position, was quoted as saying "I wouldn't do it unless I was going to prevail."

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