San Jose

Messi Mania: Argentine Soccer Superstar Adds to Bay Area Spectacle

With the NBA Finals and the Stanley Cup Final happening in the Bay Area over the past couple of days, sports superstars could be spotted from Oakland to San Jose.

But one megastar athlete who wasn't competing in either of those events might be more popular than Steph Curry, LeBron James and Joe Pavelski - soccer legend Lionel Messi, of Argentina, playing in Copa America at Levi's Stadium.

About 70,000 screaming soccer fans were enthralled with Messi on Monday night as Argentina faced Chile in the Group Stage of the tournament. A day earlier, some fans even tried to get a glimpse of Messi by lying on the ground and peeking under temporary barriers as the team practiced at San Jose State.

Monday night's game was a rematch of last year's Copa America final, which host Chile won on penalty shots.

To the disappointment of many, Messi did not play Monday as Argentina defeated Chile 2-1.

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