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Silicon Valley Tech on its Way to Olympic Opening Ceremony

When Michael Phelps leads Team USA into the Olympic opening ceremony, a Silicon Valley company will have his back.

Well, they’ll be on his back.

Flex, based in Milpitas, will light things up on Phelps’ Ralph Lauren Olympic jacket, and the world will see it.

The “USA” on the back will light up, thanks to something called electro-luminescence.

Flex designed the wearable technology; the kind of wearable we’re likely to be wearing in the future.

The jacket feels good, and one touch later, you’re lighting things up.

Flex says it’s proud.

“Michael Phelps is wearing the jacket, and that we were part of the technology that makes it happen is cool," said Jeannine Sargent, the company's president of innovation. 

Scott lights it up on Twitter: @scottbudman

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