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10/12: Catch Mono Tonight

A superb live concert, plus punk Broadway and tarot cards in a book bar



    Better Sleep = Better Grades

    CATCH MONO: Swine flu may be the epidemic of the hour, but the Japanese quartet Mono is what you really want in your system. Their high-energy blend of classical and rock music will infect you at the Great American Music Hall at 8 p.m..

    JOURNEY TO THE END OF THE BAY: In mohawk tall with spikes and spunk, Columbus explored the world of punk. Tonight at 8 p.m. noteables from the book Gimme Something Better, a history of Bay Area punk, tell their tales on Broadway.

    Join the San Francisco Public Library tonight from 6pm-8pm at the Page Bar for One City, One Book, One Bar. With tarot cards and a live reading from the author Dorst himself, this literary night might inspire a bit of your own writing.