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The High-Tech Way to Play With Fire

San Francisco man's Bellagio-style tribute to fire



    The Best Places on Earth
    Flames literally dance to music with Brett Levine's invention. Hot

    Take that massive water fountain show outside the Bellagio in Vegas.

    Shrink it down.

    Replace it with fire.

    Plug it into your iPod.  And you've got Fire 2.0:  a computer-controlled, gas-driven orchestra of flames that pulsate up and down in sync to music and sound.

    Playing With Fire

    [BAY] Playing With Fire
    The phrase "playing with fire" takes on new meaning for a San Francisco man who makes flames dance to music.
    (Published Friday, July 17, 2009)

    Brett Levine of San Francisco combined his skills as an artist and software programmer to come up with this new invention.

    Levine can put together up to 500 individual flames and envisions that Fire 2.0 will someday become a hot commodity; lighting up nightclubs, poolsides, even your living room. The prototype shows the idea has a bright, burning future.

    So, when you hear the phrase "playing with fire," think of the dancing flames of Fire 2.0.

    See more of Levine's work in Oakland in at the Crucible Fire Arts Festival.

    Let's just hope the next song that Levine is dancing to isn't "Burning Down The House."