NBC Bay Area Microclimate Weather Earns Title of ‘Certified Most Accurate' in the San Francisco Bay Area

A big honor for NBC Bay Area. Our Microclimate Weather team earned the title "Certified Most Accurate," of all the teams of forecasters in the San Francisco Bay Area. WeatheRate is a company that verifies the accuracy of forecasts across the country. It's been tracking our forecasts and the forecasts of our competitors and what it found is that NBC Bay Area consistently gave our viewers the most accurate information.

"Forecasting in the Bay Area's various microclimates is always challenging and just relying on forecast model data is not good enough. We work hard every day and night in researching temperatures and various conditions for at least 40 different microclimates. Our unparalleled experience and exclusive StormRanger technology will continue to bring you the most accurate forecast on NBC Bay Area," says NBC Bay Area's chief meteorologist Jeff Ranieri.

WeatheRate, an independent, nonpartisan, weather verification company has a team of meteorologists on its staff who review weather data each day. The team tracks how often we correctly forecast when it will rain, strong winds, thunderstorms, the high and low temperatures and fog.

"It's an honor to be rated #1 in the Bay Area when it comes to forecast accuracy, especially after one of the wettest water years on record," says Ranieri.

It all starts before dawn, when, Meteorologist Kari Hall hunkers over the models before she appears on Today in the Bay. She works hard to give our viewers the information they need to go about their day. Chief Meteorologist Jeff Ranieri leads the team in the afternoon for the 5, 6 and 11pm newscasts. And on the weekends, a crucial time when people who live in the Bay Area are looking to be outside, Meteorologist Rob Mayeda and Vianey Arana swing into action.

"With over 58 years of combined experience on our NBC Bay Area Microclimate Weather Team it's our main goal every single day and night to constantly analyze data and bring you the most accurate temperature, rain and wind forecast in the Bay Area," says Ranieri.

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