SF General CEO Says 4th Wave of COVID-19 Infections May Have Reached Peak

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A San Francisco hospital is offering up a promising prediction.

The CEO for San Francisco General believes we may have reached the peak of the latest surge, saying hospitalizations are leveling off in the fourth wave of COVID-19.

“Based on what we’re seeing in the data, it looks like hospitalizations are leveling off and the peak of cases has started coming down,” said Dr. Susan Ehrlich of Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital

“You know, it appears that way based on the trends we’re seeing in the data right now. But this pandemic has taught me a lot of humility. So, it’s hard to make perfect estimates about what’s going to happen. But in this surge, at this time, yes, I would say that,” she added.

Ehrlich says San Francisco General currently has 19 patients hospitalized. Fifteen of those patients are unvaccinated while the other four are breakthrough cases.

“Of course, because the delta variant is so contagious, the vaccine is probably going to be less effective. But still, it’s the best tool we have to prevent infection," Ehrlich said

Infections are still on the rise in other parts of the country and perhaps even in other Bay Area counties. For example, the numbers show Santa Clara County’s COVID-19 cases are still increasing.

COVID-19 cases are also plateauing in Solano County, according to Health Officer Bela Matyas: “Cases are not rising like they were, but staying steady.”

Meanwhile, SF General officials said they’re looking toward the future and the possibility of another wave.

“I hope we don’t have a fifth surge but wouldn’t be surprised. We are prepared if we do,” Ehrlich said.

SF General said there will more people hospitalized with COVID-19 in the coming weeks, and we’re not out of it just yet. But they’re not expecting to run out of beds or be impacted much more than they are right now.

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