Hiker Bit By Rattlesnake at Fremont's Mission Peak, Transported to Hospital

A San Jose man is in serious condition following a rattlesnake bite Monday afternoon east of Fremont on Mission Peak, a California Highway Patrol flight officer and paramedic said.

The snake bit the man at about 1 p.m. on the top of Mission Peak during a hike with his wife. A CHP helicopter crew heard a call to emergency personnel, responded and landed on the peak.

The victim was given anti-venom after being transported to Washington Hospital, CHP Flight Officer and Paramedic Shaun Bouyea said. Bouyea was the one who administered the anti-venom.

The victim, 47, sat on a rock at the top of the peak, put his hand down and was bitten by the snake, Bouyea said.

When Bouyea got to him, the victim was in serious condition.

The response by emergency personnel was delayed because cellphone service is limited on the peak and a language barrier existed.

Bouyea said the only way to the peak is with a 4-wheel drive or helicopter and the quickest way to the man was by helicopter.

With all the wet weather in the Bay Area, experts say the snake population is booming, and with the warm weather now upon us, people should be on alert as the snakes come out.

"In the summer, they’re looking for water," said Anu Pareek, who added that she encountered two rattlesnakes on the Mission Peak trail during her hike.

She said if you don’t bother them, they won’t bother you.

"I would say stay out of the grassy areas," Pareek said. "It’s better to stay on the trail, and if you have dogs, keep them on the leash."

Experts say rattlesnake bites are pretty rare. People who encounter rattlesnakes should give them space to get to their destination.

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