Judge Keeps Restraining Order Against South Bay School District Trustee in Place

A judge now says a restraining order on a South Bay school district trustee will remain in place, meaning the trustee and superintendent cannot attend a board meeting together unless a police officer is in attendance.

Both the trustee, Khan Tran, and Alum Rock Union Elementary School District Superintendent Hilaria Bauer, on Tuesday stood before a judge to discuss an alleged threat.

Bauer said Tran threatened her with violence during a closed session meeting.

Tran denies ever threatening the superintendent with violence.

"I made a comment that anyone who spends money, I'd kick her ass out of the district, and she turned it into a circus," Tran said.

But Bauer said she felt the threat was real and that is why she filed for the temporary restraining order.

Tuesday's ruling means Tran cannot be in the same room with Bauer, even for school business, unless a police officer is present.

"There is only one reason why I did this," Bauer said. "It's a fear for my physical well being."

Bauer added the "most important thing I want to say is we're not going to tolerate any kind of violence on the East Side any more."

Parent activists who showed up in court describe Tran as bombastic, even confrontational, and said he has even threatened them as well. But Tran said his words were taken out of context.

"They come to our courtroom and harass our board and disrupt our meetings," Tran said of the activists. "I don't respect them. Sure, I don't like them."

The superintendent's lawyer said a restraining order against a sitting trustee is unusual, but he feels his client had no other choice.

The next school board meeting is scheduled for Thursday. The meeting agenda includes a proposal to censure the trustee.

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