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Mural in San Francisco's Chinatown Defaced by Taggers

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A popular mural in San Francisco's Chinatown was defaced by taggers this week.

The large Tiger Dragon mural, located at the corner of Commercial Street and Grant Avenue, now features profanity and unwanted shapes.

Luke Dragon, the artist who originally painted the mural, is actually not angry about the vandalism. He's more critical about the skill of the taggers.

"It doesn't look like typical street graffiti," he said. "It looks like it was done by some amateurs, people who didn't really know how to hold a spray can."

Dragon was commissioned to paint the mural five years ago. He said the nature of street art is organic and that artists will often come by and add to an existing piece. He did that with a mural just across the street, adding Bruce Lee to the piece.

Dragon, who lives in Southern California now but grew up in Berkeley, said coming back to fix the mural is easy.

"I can just come back next week and just fix up the whole thing," he said.

He'd also like to work on something new and hopes Chinatown and the city in general can make more spaces available for his and other artists' work.

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