‘I Didn't Want to Lose My Leg': Novato Teen Recovers From Crocodile Attack

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A Novato teen is recovering at the hospital after surviving a crocodile attack in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. 

“I ended up feeling like a really tight sensation on my leg and getting pulled and I look down and I just see nostrils and teeth,” said Kiana Hummel. “The first thing I think of is to hit it.”

While resting her head on a crocodile doll at Marin General Hospital, the 18-year-old spoke about fighting her way out of the mouth of a real crocodile. 

While celebrating high school graduation at a Marriott hotel in Puerto Vallarta, she said a 12-foot crocodile clamped down on her leg and dragged her into the ocean.

“I went down and reached for his snout and rolled with him when I could because I didn’t want to lose my leg,” she said.

With help from other beach goers, she survived the attack.

Hummel says Marriot should do more to warn vacationers about the danger on the beach. Especially at night.

“One sign, one single sign and you can enter from different ends and no lights,” said Hummel.

In a statement, Marriot said, "The safety and security of our guests and associates are our top priority, and we can confirm that appropriate signage, as well as night patrolling and red flags were and are properly in place."

Hummel disagrees.

She also said medical professionals in Mexico demanded payment before treating her wounds. Injuries that are expected to take months to heal.

“The majority of my injuries are muscle and tendons and nerve damage,” she said. “At this point I did have to have surgery, they had to open the wound and clean out sand and debris.”

A friend set up a GoFundMe for Hummel and her mother who is caring for her.

She is focused on healing but not being able to work has her concerned about bills and beginning college.

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