Proposition 6 Campaign to Repeal California Gas Tax Kicks Off in Bay Area

Which is more painful: higher prices at the gas pumps or overcrowded, beat up roads?

That's just one argument voters will hear as supporters of Proposition 6 -- a move to repeal the gas tax -- kicked off its campaign in the Bay Area. The campaign is being fought fiercely by supporters of the tax.

Currently, whenever someone in California uses a pump, they are fueling the 12-cents-a-gallon tax passed by Senate Bill 1. The money is reportedly being used to pay for transportation projects, which some drivers said is a worthwhile, but painful tradeoff.

"With the roads needing to be fixed and the gas going up, I think we need to fix our roads," California resident Ricardo Macias said.

A group pushing Proposition 6, a measure to repeal Senate Bill 1, launched its Bay Area campaign Monday in San Mateo and Santa Clara as part of its statewide effort. Proposition 6 would eliminate the 12-cents-a-gallon hike, as well as new vehicle fees and a 20-cents-a-gallon jump for diesel fuel.

"They've lied to us all along. They've stolen the money all along," Proposition 6 Chairman Carl DeMaio said. "Why do you think they're going to act any differently?"

Opponents led by the Silicon Valley Leadership Group point out transportation and road maintenance needs total $8 billion a year. Current funding is at $2.2 billion, leaving a $5.8 billion deficit.

"This is already funding safety improvements, road repair and pothole improvements," said Carl Guardino with the Silicon Valley Leadership Group.

The fight will only get more intense because some opponents also said Proposition 6 is being proposed mainly to bring out more Republican voters for other races.

The Proposition 6 campaign makes its way to Fairfield in Solano County on Tuesday.

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