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Special Stuffed Animal Stolen From Child With Rare Condition in SF

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A 12-year-old with a rare genetic condition is heartbroken after someone broke into his family’s car and stole his stuffed Cookie Monster toy, something he’s had for 10 years that holds great sentimental meaning to him.

Aiden Carter is in the Bay Area at UCSF Children’s Hospital receiving treatment.

When he and his family arrived last Friday, they went to the beach near the San Francisco Zoo, and that’s when someone broke into their rental car and stole two backpacks. Inside one of them was Carter’s most prized possession, the stuffed Cookie Monster.

Carter said it’s more than just a toy.

“He’s been with me for the past 10 years,” Carter said. “Every time I get medicine he’s sitting next to me, every time I get surgery he's sitting next to me, when I snuggle him, he's like my security blanket. When I feel him I feel home."

Anyone who has any information on the theft of Cookie Monster is asked to call the San Francisco police.

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