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Security Guard Hospitalized After Shooting Outside San Jose Bar

A security guard is in the hospital after a shooting outside a bar in San Jose Friday night, and neighbors are saying enough is enough.

They are demanding El Tarasco bar on 13th Street to be shut down as soon as possible.

Police are still looking for the gunman who shot a security guard at point-blank range Friday night. But neighbors said it is just one of several shootings outside El Tarasco, and they also said because of the bar, they live in constant fear.

Police said the security guard was shot four times and was wearing a protective vest. He is expected to survive.

"I'll never forgot the blood-curdling scream that I heard from the gentleman who had been shot. It resonated all the way into our home," said Riko Mendez, who lives across the street from the bar.

Mendez also said shooting are common at the bar. He shot video as more proof of the impact El Tarasco is having on his neighborhood.

"One word would describe our experience--it's been hell," Mendez said. "We've seen multiple people almost die at our doorstep directly as a result of the activities in El Tarasco bar--shootings, fighting, stabbing, prostitution, drug use. It's been horrible."

Harry Gregory also lives near El Tarasco.

"People drinking too much and being our really late and fighting, causing problems," Gregory said.

NBC Bay Area reached out to the bar operators for comment but did not receive a response.

This year, Mendez and more than 20 other neighbors said they petitioned the city rules committee to do something about the bar. Mendez also said he just received word the city is forcing the bar to close on Dec. 16.

While Mendez considers it a victory for the neighborhood, he wants to see the bar shut down sooner.

"That's still six weeks of hell to live through, and all it takes is one bullet to come through our door or our window or our wall that could end our life when we are just watching television," Mendez said.

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