Vacaville Community Comes Together After Family Receives Racist Letter

A Vacaville family received an outpouring of support Saturday from their community after they received an racist letter in the mail saying they were not welcome.

Marc Yu greeted people to his home after a social media post was created suggested having a community potluck in wake of the disturbing letter.

"It’s really sweet I wasn’t expecting any of this really," Yu said. "This is an amazing group of people and the neighborhood is really nice."

Before heading to work on Wednesday morning, Yu checked his mailbox and found a letter saying that their interracial family is not welcome. The letter threatened to contact their landlord and request an eviction if they did not move.

Despite not knowing the Yu family, community members and firefighters showed up to the potluck to remind them that they are welcomed.

"I wanted to support the family here, it’s crazy to see this," Gabriela Rodriguez said.

The family said an upside of going through this, is that they got to know more people in the neighborhood.

"It was important for them to know a community rallies together when they see something wrong," Genevieve Villaruel said.

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