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Vallejo Woman Tries to Track Down Man Who Stole Her Mother's Car, Ran Over Her

A Vallejo woman is on a mission: To find the person who she believes stole her mother's car and then ran over her. 

Her 61-year-old mother's vehicle was taken from in front of their home Tuesday. The victim spotted the car parked down the street the next night, only to be assaulted by a man and woman when she tried to take it back.

“He locked the car door and caught my mom's shirt, and dragged my mom when he put the car in drive, and rolled over her as he U-turned and took off,” said the woman, who asked to remain anonymous for fear of being targeted.

She continued: “It's horrible somebody would run over my mother for something that's not even theirs. We just want him caught.”

The suspects have been driving the stolen grey Honda Civic and trying to use the victim’s credit cards all over the North and East bays this week.

“They used her cards all day and went on a shopping spree,” the woman said of her mother’s property. “They even washed the car as if it was their own.”

The woman uncovered surveillance video of the man she believes is responsible and has posted it on social media and shared it with police.

Police say, with her help, they’re confident they'll catch the suspects and are fairly certain they already know who is behind the crimes.

The victim’s daughter says she doesn't want anyone else to be attacked.

“My mom could have been killed for what? A couple thousand dollars. My mom's life is worth way more than that,” she said.

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