Bibs on for the Santa Barbara Harbor & Seafood Festival

Plan your falltime American Riviera jaunt now, for Pacific-close bites, breezes, and atmos.

JAUNTING TO SANTA BARBARA? Please. You'd never simply "go" there, or "drive" there, or "land" there, no sirree. It's such a storied city that you want your action word to possess some prettiness, some style, and a bit of dash, too. So you might say "we're off to adventure in Santa Barbara" or "we're jaunting to Santa Barbara" or "we're riding the rails for the American Riviera." But however you get there, you do know that the tile roof'd, perfect-weather'd playland can be a last-minute, let's-go-this-weekend kind of hot spot for many Golden Staters. That's a...

GRAND RELATIONSHIP... to have with the historic, Pacific-close city, but here's a tip: Whether you jaunt there or not, or ride the rails there or not, plan ahead for this one: The Santa Barbara Harbor & Seafood Festival, an early-fall treat that's so briny and delicious that scheduling your visit a few weeks out is recommended. The 2018 date is coming up, faster than a crab covers a length of sand, so be harborside on Saturday, Oct. 13. Perhaps the tastiest part of a very tasty to-do?

ENTRY IS FREE, but, of course, show with some clams for any clams or crustaceans or fish tacos you'd like to purchase. The theme of the annual event? The "... abundance of the Santa Barbara Channel, rich in sustainably harvested, high-quality seafood." This means a line-up of booths offering all sorts of ocean-riffic delicacies, from mussels to seafood paella to barbecued albacore. A bountiful bonus? The activities filling the daylong schedule, like the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum's free lectures. See the whole seaworthy rundown now, then jaunt to Santa Barbara, or simply drive, if that's more your style, on the second Saturday in October.

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