“Recycled Holidays” in Morro Bay

Deals and unique finds: Make for the vintage-and-antique-laden burg.

FRINGED LAMPS TO '70S FLARE JEANS: It's a marvel that anyone trots out the whole "one size all fits all" chestnut nowadays. The suggestion may be accurate, literally, with some articles of clothing, but when it comes to our larger world, our tastes, our preferences, and how we spoil the people in our lives, it can only be fair to say that approximately five billion sizes fit all (and given our changeable tastes, even that number might be low). All of which can make holiday shopping a bit daunting. We see gift ideas that are a little one-size-fits-all-y, in spirit, and we know our funky friend or our free-spirited mom will not groove to the potential gift in question. The only thing route left to take here? Buy them a really outlandish squirrel-shaped lamp, complete with a fringed lampshade, an unusual conversation piece that may rock, and even alter, their whole world and conscience.

YEAH... we're talking in grand terms, but we're also talking about a grand location: Morro Bay, which sits adjacent to big, big Morro Rock. It's a town rife with swanky vintage and affordable thrift stores, and, yes, the occasional junky shop, too (said with ultimate love and respect). It's a town famous for its springtime, city-wide yard sale, a sale that boasts over 300 stops, and thus it knows non-one-size-all-y gifts. Ready to pump up your holiday shopping, possibly save some real cash, and find your mom that fringe-fun lamp you know'll rock her personal cosmos? The "Recycled Holidays" are on in Morro Bay.

SO MAKE FOR... Castaways, which has clothes, old paperbacks, and cool skateboards, or the vendor-plentiful Highway 41 Antique Emporium. A day spent browsing around the bayside town may not net you the velvet painting of your dreams, but bet you'll find something else strange, useful, and completely devoid of one-size-fits-all-ness. Want a larger shop listing list? Sure you do, adventurous shopper.

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