Woman Adopts Stranger's Baby After Chance Encounter on Plane

"He's just a blessing. He's just beautiful," Phipps told the Today show

Last year, Samantha Snipes was eight months pregnant and headed to North Carolina from Georgia when she missed her flight, forever changing her life. 

She ended up on another flight sitting next to Temple Phipps, who was scheduled to take an earlier flight, Snipes told the "Today" show. The two women started talking and Snipes shared her emotional back story, her concerns about becoming a mother and possibly putting the baby up for adoption because she didn't have a plan.

Phipps didn't have any children but had always dreamed of having a family. She expressed her interest in adopting Snipes' baby and gave the expecting mother her phone number before they parted ways.  

Three days later Snipes went into labor and gave birth to a baby boy. Then she called Phipps. Phipps immediately bonded with the newborn. The connection was exactly what Snipes needed to see. She asked Phipps to adopt her child.

“He's just a blessing. He's just beautiful,” she said. “I can't believe that I almost missed this."

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