Player Recaps and Predictions: The 3-Headed PG – CJ Watson, DeMarcus Nelson, and Marcus Williams

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But alas, back to business.  Just a few more player recaps and predictions.  Just a few more left, and with this one, we figured we should do a special edition on the Three-Headed Monster that is soon to become our starting PG...


  Call that my Throwback to Hash.  But maybe I should just leave the art to Tony...

Anyway, hit up the jump for recaps, predictions, and grades.  Leave your thoughts in the comments.

CJ Watson



2007-2008 Season Recap

Grade: C+

When the "Quiet Storm," aka "KBLX" was called up from the D-League last year,  I had high hopes for the guy.  Ok not really, but once he got a contract extension last year, it was a good sign.  He had some time to learn behind our starting PG last year, (who was that again?  Some Count or something?)  CJ didn't really get much time to show his worth, but he was good enough to keep in the background and put in when the other guy was tired.  He wasn't amazing or anything, but hey, he did his job for a minimum contract guy. 

2008-2009 Prediction

I was really hoping this guy would be our starting PG seeing as though Monta got injured playing basketball (wait, no it was a moped accident?  That's new to me.).  But hey, I guess you won't hear me battling that "Make Your Free Throws" guy with my "GO CJ!  Cause that's my CJ!" chants.    Unfortunately, he suffered an elbow injury in the last preseason game, moving him to backup PG.  No matter, he's got some more experience and who knows what will happen.  15 minutes and 5 points?

Marcus Williams



2007-2008 Season Recap

Grade: B-

Drafted 22nd overall by the New Jersey Nets, Marcus didn't look half bad as a rookie on a crappy Nets team.  After starting 7 games, he averaged 30 minutes, 11 points, and 6 assists.  Not too shabby for a why not bring a young talented guy to the bay?

2008-2009 Prediction

Because Nellie isn't about this guy at all.  We gave up a conditional first round pick that only made the final cuts because of the money.  What does that say about Marcus?  This man was given a huge shot after Monta went down and couldn't beat out an undrafted player and a D-Leaguer.  Ugh...what a waste of another draft pick...

I highly doubt we'll see Marcus on the court for a long time.  Well, unless we're talking POB minutes.

DeMarcus Nelson



2007-2008 Season Recap

Starting PG at Duke.  Undrafted.  Need I say more?

2008-2009 Prediction

What the?  He's our starting PG now?  Apparently I do need to say more. 

Remember when he first came to training camp? He was simply happy to make the roster.  These are my favorite type of players -those that are deemed "rejects" and will always have something prove.  I'm sure no one saw this guy coming and actually making an impact, but after proving himself in the summer league and in the preseason, DeMarcus has shown that he deserves the starting position while Monta is out. 

He's got some fire in em too - reminds me of Matt Barnes in the '07 season.  Against all odds?  Underdog mentality?  This is what I love about the Warriors!

I can see it now, a few months from now, we'll all be saying, where did this guy come from?


Thoughts?  Grades?

Who do you have your faith in while Monta's out?

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