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DeYoung Is Loved, Loathed at 5

Discount tickets are part of the birthday celebration.



    DeYoung Is Loved, Loathed at 5

    When the DeYoung museum in Golden Gate Park turns five this Saturday, it's offering $5 admission all day long. For less than the cost of a sandwich, you can enjoy such exhibitions as To Dye For: A World Saturated in Color, Pat Steir: After Hokusai, After Hiroshige, and Developed and Undeveloped: Photographic Landscapes.

    But don't expect to see the good stuff: you'll have to shell out a few bucks extra if you want access to the Van Gogh, Gaugin, and Cezanne exhibit.

    That little surcharge may come as an unpleasant surprise to some, but it can't compare to the complaints that the museum's received over the last five years. SF Weekly acquired hundreds of comments submitted to the museum by patrons both satisfied and disgruntled, and they certainly aren't shy.

    One complainer didn't like that the audio tour narrator didn't sound french enough. Another complained that the crowd jostled too much. Someone else didn't like the unruly children, and another patron was irritated by a mean security guard.

    Although the complaints do come off as a bit whiny, there's no arguing that children are bothersome. And there's nothing worse than an officious security guard, goose-stepping around and barking orders from behind a tin star and polyester pants.

    Neighbors still hold a bit of a grudge as well, remembering the museum's attempts to block Saturday street parties in the park. But hey, a little discount admission and maybe bygones can be bygones.