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Mavericks Surf Window Opens This Week

Many hope la Nina weather could make for epic waves



    Mavericks Surf Window Opens This Week
    Mavericks Surf Contest draws surf fans from around the world.

    The wave window is about to open for the Bay Area's infamous Mavericks surf contest.

    The yearly contest itself could happen any day between Dec. 1 and Feb. 28.

    Things kicked off Monday with a 3 p.m. paddle out and prayer circle at the San Mateo County surf site.
    Apparently those in the circle will be praying for the 50 foot waves needed to make the contest a reality.

    There are lots of changes this year.

    Most of them are due to the dozen or so people who were hurt while watching the contest last year.  You may remember rougue waves crashed through the spectator area, sweeping people off their feet.

    Spectators won't be able to get as close this year. 

    Organizers also renamed the contest "The Jay at Mavericks Big Wave Invitational" after deceased surfer Jay Moriarity, who mastered the waves at Mavericks as a teen.

    This year’s 24 invitee who have 24 hours to get to the coastline once the contest is called are the following:

    • Chris Bertish (South Africa)
    • Peter Mel (Santa Cruz)
    • Ryan Augenstein (Santa Cruz)
    • Shane Desmond (Santa Cruz)
    • Grant Washburn (San Francisco)
    • Shane Dorian (Hawaii)
    • Anthony Tashnick (Santa Cruz)
    • Ryan Seelbach (San Francisco)
    • Rusty Long (San Clemente)
    • Kenny Collins (Santa Cruz)
    • Darryl Virostko (Santa Cruz)
    • Tyler Smith (Santa Cruz)
    • Dave Wassel (Hawaii)
    • Greg Long (San Clemente)
    • Nathan Fletcher (Hawaii)
    • Carlos Burle (Brazil)
    • Zach Wormhoudt (Santa Cruz)
    • Matt Ambrose (Pacifica)
    • Grant Baker (South Africa)
    • Mark Healey (Hawaii)
    • Kelly Slater (Florida)
    • Alex Martins (San Francisco)
    • Shawn Dollar (Santa Cruz)
    • Jamie Sterling (Hawaii)