GM's New OnStar Offers Facebook Updates, and Distracted Drivers

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    As if we don't already have enough distractions in our cars. GM is planning to roll out a new version of their OnStar system that lets you send and receive live Facebook updates.

    Looking to push back against the latest updates to the Ford SYNC system, the updated OnStar will allow users to have email and text messages read to them, and lets them respond using a selection of standard messages. It can also send out automated status updates about where you are as you drive, kind of like the way some smartphones can..

    While this all seems like just another source of distracted driving, at least it sounds like it won't let you play Farmville as you drive through the actual farmland.

    Look for the new OnStar to start showing up in cars starting next year.

    Bloomberg, via CrunchGear

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