Plotting an Assassination in 140 Characters or Less Is a Bad Idea

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    Courtney Love may not know how to use Twitter properly but she has managed to meet the President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez.

    San Francisco-based microblogging site has often being used to prematurely declare the death of a celebrity, but to coordinate the assassination of a sitting president? That's a new one.

    Venezuelan police have arrested a man suspected of using the Twitter social networking site to incite the assassination of President Hugo Chavez.
    Federal Police Chief Wilmer Flores Trossel says the suspect is an employee from Venezuela's state power company and he will be questioned by prosecutors.

    Flores told the local Globovision television channel on Thursday that the 27-year-old man sent messages through Twitter outlining an alleged plan to kill Chavez.

    Flores did not provide additional details.

    Chavez has often alleged that his adversaries want to assassinate him.