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Google's Cameras Catch Japan Blushing

Tech company plans to reshoot Japan for its maps



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    Polecam via Flickr
    A Google street view car at work in The Hague.

    Smile Japan, Google is taking your picture. Again. Make sure you have your pants on and your shades drawn this time.

    The Silicon Valley giant is planning to lower its camera for Japan's second centerfold pose for streetview, according to our friends at the San Francisco Business Times.

    Some Japanese complained they felt violated by Google's peeping cams the first time the tech company swept through the country for its mapping efforts, which aim to capture every naked street corner in the world for any online gawker to gaze at for free.

    But many in Japan, which is a culture that values its privacy, complained that the company shot into their private backyards and into their homes, according to the Business Times.

    To play nice, and to prove it's not trying to be Big Brother or Larry Flynt, Google is promising to lower its cameras by 16 inches and continue to blur out any liscense plates and human faces that show up in its pictures.

    We think maybe Google just doesn't want to get chased out of town again.