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The New York Times Pops the Bay Area Newspaper Bubble



    The New York Times announces its new Bay Area edition.

    The New York Times has figured out how to save Bay Area newspapers. Just start a blog.

    While Dean Singleton's Bay Area monopoly on Bay Area news recently filed for bankruptcy and the San Francisco Chronicle continues to develop way to stop bleeding money, the New York Times says it has actually added subscribers in the Bay Area and single sales are up as well.

    The trick behind their success appears to be at partly due to the magic of the Internets. Last October the former home of Jayson Blair expanded its Bay Area coverage in print and online, dedicating a blog round up of local daily news. The strategy appears to be working.

    The paper added more than 1,000 Bay Area subscribers since expanding its coverage. The New York Times has an estimated 40, 080 daily subscribers and 57,514 on Sunday in the Bay Area, according to Feedblitz.

    Meanwhile the San Francisco Chronicle lead the nation in the amount of paid subscribers it lost during a six-month period last year. They lost almost twice as much as the New York Times presence in the Bay Area. Ouch.