AAPI Community Holds ‘Unity Against Hate' Rally in Oakland

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There were a number of rallies that were held in cities across the nation and in the Bay Area Saturday to denounce anti Asian hate and promote unity.

In Oakland, a rally drew politicians and a diverse group community members.

“We don’t tolerate any kind of hatred of all races,” said organizer Susan Park. Park came to Oakland’s Chinatown to be a part of a movement.

"There has always been hatred against AAPI community. They probably always probably very under reported so lot of reasons for being here and showing support.”

People gathered for the rally as it was one of many for unity against hate across the country.

It was a show of solidarity and community against anti Asian hate and all forms of racism and violence.

“We have been doing so much to protect our community against hate and against attacks and recently I know many of you know I was attacked,” said Carl Chan.

Chan, who is the Chinatown Chamber Of Commerce president urged unity, to support local business and vote. Many community groups came, with mayors and elected leaders.

“We have too much that is in common with all of us to divide us. California Attorney General Rob Bonta was one of the speakers of Saturday’s rally in Oakland.

“This week, I announced the beginning of the racial justice bureau in the department justice. So, we can fight back against hate and hate violence,” Bonta said.

Actor Daniel Wu, an East Bay native also spoke at Saturday’s rally.

“Keep pushing through end hate, end racism and unite together. So, let’s stay united one for Oakland, yeah,” he said.

Then the group blew whistles, showing solidarity and self-protection. From there, they marched downtown Oakland to end the event..

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