CHP Issues Warning About Impaired Rideshare Drivers After DUI Arrest in Martinez

The California Highway Patrol issued a warning over the weekend after a recent DUI arrest of a rideshare driver in Contra Costa County: Make sure your driver is sober and won’t put you or others in danger.

Arnaldo Cuba, who was arrested at a gas station in Martinez, said he had no intention of picking up any passengers.

"I haven’t been convicted of anything. Just happened," Cuba said.

But the CHP told a different story.

It all started with someone calling to tell officers Cuba was stumbling to his car. The CHP investigated and arrested Cuba, and then posting a warning on Facebook: "My rideshare is here, wait, he’s DUI ... Although you may be a sober passenger, be aware of who is driving you, and if they may be impaired."

The CHP said during the investigation, Cuba said he was waiting to pick up a passenger and was actively working for his rideshare company.

"I wasn’t driving anybody and haven’t for a month," Cuba said.

Both Uber and Lyft said they did’t have any drivers with his name. And both have a zero tolerance drug and alcohol policy.

The CHP said a driver can be arrested for DUI even if they're sitting in the car, not driving.

"In this particular case, he was impaired and above the limit for alcohol," the CHP said.

Cuba said he’s sorry and is getting help for his drinking problem.

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