Controversy Surrounds Retired Lieutenant's Bid for Santa Clara County Sheriff

A retired Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office lieutenant is triggering controversy with his run for sheriff.

Jose Salcido appeared in a photo with other law enforcement officers gathered with a known felon. NBC Bay Area first reported four sheriff's deputies were fired after the photo surfaced, showing they were associated with felon Armand Tiano.

Tiano is a former lieutenant who served time in prison for molesting children.

Salcido said he has no regrets for being in the controversial photo. If he becomes sheriff and some of his deputies are seen hanging out with known felons, Salcido would not fire them on the spot.

"We would wait and investigate what the context was of the picture," Salcido said. "Meet with the deputies."

Salcido said he believes in second chances and in the rehabilitation of felons.

NBC Bay Area has since learned that another man in the picture is a registered sex offender.

In a staement, Sheriff Laurie Smith's campaign said the picture says it all, and that if you associate with child molester, you don't belong in law enforcement.

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