Golden Gate Bridge

Don't Miss This: GoPro Video Shows Crews Inspecting Golden Gate Bridge Tower

If you thought your office had a view, don’t miss this one-minute GoPro video showing crews inspecting the Golden Gate Bridge tower this week.

The video comes from the Golden Gate Transportation District, the primary agency in charge of the inspections.

The inspections made many do a double take as they saw workers propelling up and down the bridge towers.

Crews on Monday started the process of inspecting the bridge's towers to see if any portions of the structures need repairing, according to the Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District.[[481273541, C]]

"Our salty marine environment does its best to corrode the steel," district engineer Ewa Bauer said. "The inspection teams will look carefully at every rivet and seam to determine what work we need to do to keep this beautiful structure standing strong."

The towers are not considered "fracture critical," said Priya Clemens, Golden Gate Bridge District spokeswoman.

The tower review is an added measure to keep a close eye on aesthetics and possible deterioration.

The inspection crews, which will never dangle directly over traffic, will start at the top of the towers and slowly descend to the sidewalk area, according to district officials. They will begin on the west legs before moving to the east side.

Inspection work is slated to wrap up within one week's time, according to district officials. Scaffolding used during the process is scheduled to be removed by May 11.

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