YouTube Buys Teens a Date With Obama

President quotes YouTube video in education speech

Apparently President Barack Obama is attached to more technology than just his beloved Blackberry.

The first president in American history to carry a personal cellphone while in office apparently also watches YouTube. Students at Village Academy High School in Pomona are living proof because the president saw their stories in a nine-minute video dubbed "Is Anybody Listening?"

And in his first major speech on education earlier this month President Obama quoted the children and spoke directly to them. And on Thursday the president was scheduled to visit the students.

"I am listening," he said, according to our friends at the Los Angeles Times. "We are listening. America is listening. And we are not going to rest until your parents can keep their jobs, your families can keep their homes, and you can focus on what you should be focusing on: your own education."

The film was first seen by a White House staffer in early March, according to the Los Angeles Times.The video is nothing fancy.

"He used to come home smiling everyday and now its not the same anymore," Jorge says in the video. "He comes and he's worried all the time. I see it in his eyes."

It shows the teenage students talking about the financial problems they are facing from foreclosure to parents being out of work.

"My father has just lost one of his  jobs, and now it's even more difficult for us to pay for our house," Jose says in the video.

Village Academy High School is "a low-income yet high-achieving public school," according to the Los Angeles Times. The video was posted on YouTube and since then more than 9,400 people have seen it.

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