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Nancy Pelosi Talks Impeachment During San Francisco Visit

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One of the key figures of the impeachment trial of President Trump, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was in her home district of San Francisco Friday and she spoke about the historic step the House took. Sonja Shin reports.

Congresswoman Pelosi spoke strong words against the president today while former vice chairwoman of the California republican party told NBC Bay Area impeachment is a big mistake.

“This president who dishonored his oath of office, who undermined our national security, who jeopardized the security of our election by what he did,” Pelosi said, adding that the timing of the trial is just right, as new evidence about the president has just emerged.

“Just yesterday as you know, the office of the GAO, the accounting office said what they did broke the law,” Pelosi said.

Former Vice Chairwoman of the California Republican Party Harmeet Dhillon, said she believes impeachment will lead to many Democrats losing their seats and Pelosi losing her leadership position in 2020.

“What she said in her speech today was gibberish. The GAO has nothing to do with the constitution. It has to do with a statute whose constitutionality has been hotly disputed by legal scholars,” she said. “Pelosi and everyone knows the end result is going to be acquittal. This would be about a year of time wasted on this fruitless effort.”

Locals said they support impeachment but don’t expect the Senate to remove President Trump from office.

“The kinds of things Trump did, I don’t think he should be allowed to get away with,” said Sandy Malloy from Oakland.

The televised trial comes as both the president and democratic opponents hoping to defeat him in the next election are out campaigning.

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